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Rolf Nackerud

Rolf Nackerud's favorite passions were Walnut Grove, sports, being Norwegian, and socializing over a cup of coffee. Working his milk route in the small towns in southwestern Minnesota, he had his favorite restaurants where he could get a cup of coffee and tune in to the local sports scene.

Dad on the job.He was instrumental, along with many others, in helping to establish the Plum Creek Park.  After the park was approved he devoted many hours to site work at the park.  Any grandchild that visited Walnut Grove in the 60s and 70s was sure to get the "park tour" from their grandfather.

One feat always amazed me; he could listen to two radios tuned to different sports cast. His favorites were the Twins baseball games and Gopher football.  Add the Vikings to the list.  If there was any kind of high school games going on, rest assured you would find him at the event.  My mother always said she always knew where to find him, "I won't have to search every tavern in the county, I could always find him at the ball park or gym."

Two places you didn't want to be next to Dad:  a high school basketball game and at church.  You talk about yelling at the refs!  It was even worst if one of the other local fans such as Walt Wiggins (the barber) or Doc Ferguson was near.  His voice was the loudest one in the church when hymns were song. Slightly off-key but with gusto.

Dad's Report Card

Rolf Nackerud Report Card from District #42

The last column shows he was promoted to the eight grade.

Note the signature at each grade level on the left A.P. Nackerud.

Rolf and Bernita at one of their anniversity.



Memories from a Daughter

Janice Nackerud-Moe and family at Myrtle Beach in the summer of 2002.I often think of Dad and what it must have been like to grow up without a mother to nurture him. What was it like to be raised by males?  Do you remember Dad being called Dodd when we were young?  I enjoyed hearing the story Margie shared with us the night before Dad's funeral. The sad story of how he as a little boy got the nickname wandering around saying "Dod, Dod ("dead" in Norwegian) after the death of his Mother.  Did you ever remember Dad using any profanity - maybe you guys do but I don't.   He didn't speak ill of people - always a kind and gentle person.

What a wonderful invention - TV.  Yes, we had the first one in town and we always had a group (Walt Wiggins, Carl Peterson, Doc Ferguson and others) around, especially in the evenings, watching the snow on TV and voices coming from the set.

Baseball was indeed the game Dad loved.  Sundays were spent going to watch the Walnut Grove baseball team managed by Dad.  After church he was over at the diamond mowing and chalking the field.  He relaxed with a ballgame on TV; be it football, basketball or baseball.  And the radio also going to another game.  At all of the basketball games he was at the school taking tickets, and working the chains at a football game.  I often wonder how many meals Mom and Dad prepared when the high school basketball team played in tournaments over many years.

Sunday mornings he always went to church.  I was touch to hear the story of how Dad was often at church checking on things.  If light bulbs needed to be replaced, he would get on the tall ladder and change them.  Mom and Dad always shared the Sunday dinners with a visiting pastor over the years.  Mom was a good cook and always had extra to share with others. 

When Mom and Dad would ever visited us they would stay for a few days - Walnut Grove would not survive if he were gone too long.  They did take trips.  I will always remember their second trip to Norway in 1986 when Alyson and I joined them in Olso and took a train to Bergen, Norway.  What a delightful adventure riding the train and seeing the countryside.


Letter from a Granddaughter

This is a letter written by Mari Averill-Hansen in 1996 to her grandmother (Bernita Nackerud) expressing her joy and happiness at having Mom and Dad as her grandparents. Click here to view the letter.

Olson/Nelson Photos

Here are some photos of the other side of the family:  The Olson's and Nelson's (Mom's Swedish relatives).  Some of the photos were obtained from Muriel Stearns-Knapp. Both the Olson family (Mom's father was Charles Olson) and the Nelson family (Mom's mother was Annie Nelson) had eight children. The Olson's had three boys and five girls (Fred, Andrew, Charles, Lillian, Mary, Amy, Anna, and Lydia) whereas the Nelson's had six boys and two girls (Tom, Will, Web, Frank, Roger, Swan, Anna, and Bertha. There is a photo of the entire Olson family taken in the 1920s. 

Click here to view the photos.

Dad, Mom, and the first-born, Charles

The first three:
David, Charles, and Mariann

The first three and calf:
Mariann, David, and Charles

Janice and Mariann

Dad and the first four:
David, Janice, Mariann, and Charles

David, Charles
Diana, Janice, and Mariann

This photo was taken in St. Anthony Park in St. Paul in the summer of 1967.  Jennifer Moe-Netemeyer enhanced the photo and along with her mother (Janice) identified all the cousins.
Front Row: Rolf Averill, Judy Nackerud, Jennifer Moe, Lisa Nackerud, Leslea Nackerud, Heidi Nackerud, Rachelle Nackerud.  Back row:  Alyson Moe (playing with balloon), Mari Averill, Rhonda Averill, Craig Nackerud, Carolyn Moe, Suzanne Nackerud, Gayle Nackerud, Jim Averill.

More Family Photos

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