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Nackerud or Nakkerud

Which One is the Real Name?

Trying to get the Pedersen, Nackerud, and Nakkerud names into some kind of logical order is a challenge.  From public records we know the following:

  • The 1910 Norway census records lists both Andrew and Gilbert as residents of Oslo (called Kristiania in 1910) and using the last name of "Nakkerud".

  • The manifest of the Cedric for both Andrew and Gunhilda in 1903 listed their names as "Pedersen".  Gunhilda also used the name of "Pedersen" on her trip to the USA in 1904. 

  • The naturalization (this is a large file so will load slowly) record from Cottonwood County in Minnesota listed Andrew's name as "Nackerud".  These papers were dated July 5, 1906 and is the petition to become a citizen.  Note that Andrew now signs his name as "Andrew P. Nackerud".  But does the "P" stand for "Pedersen" or "Pederson", or "Peterson"?  We learned the answer in 1909 when Andrew signed his "Oath of Allegiance" as "Andrew Pederson Nackerud" when he was admitted as a citizen in November 1909.  This document (Oath of Allegiance and Order of Court Admitting Petitioner) shows the name at the top of the document as "Andrew Peterson Nackerud" but his signature is the one that counts. The other is the work of a court clerk.   

  • A 1905 document that is located at the Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul (Andreas P., Gunhild, Leif N., Alfred R. and Harry A.) listed their name as "Nakkerud".

  • The 1903 manifest for Andrew's brother, Gilbert, lists his name as "Pedersen".  A later manifest (1914) lists his name as "Nackerud". 

Questions and Possible Answers  The real question is why did Andrew and Gilbert changed the name to Nackerud instead of Nakkerud?  Or was it a clerical error on the naturalization papers?  Perhaps Andrew and Gilbert wanted more of an English sounding name.

The use of the name "Pedersen" on the ship manifest can be explained easily since "Pedersen" means the "son of Petter".  Andrew's father was named Petter Andersen P. Nakkerud (born 1849).  This was a common use of the name "Pedersen".  Maybe that was the procedure when Andrew and Gilbert boarded their ships they told the immigration officials their father's name and they wrote "Pedersen".

Why does the 1905 document found at the Minnesota Historical Society show the name as "Nakkerud".  Maybe the "census taker" was a Norwegian who wrote what is heard when Andrew gave him or her his name.

It is fair to speculate on all sorts of possibilities, but most likely the reason we are all using "Nackerud" is some clerical error along the way and it never got corrected.

Nakkerud, Norway  Just a place exists. It is a train stop/post office north of Oslo and one of the manifests (1914 Kristianiafjord) shows "Nakkerud" as the birthday of Gilbert and his family. See Nakkerud Norway for more information. 

Seattle Nakkeruds  Another branch of the Nackerud/Nakkerud family is located in the Seattle area and they use the name of "Nakkerud". Trygve Block Nakkerud immigrated from Norway in the 20s and had three children.  A son, Arnold Olaf Nakkerud, was killed in 1967 serving on the crew of a helicopter in Viet Nam.  Two daughters, Elise and Gladys, have children and grandchildren in the Seattle area. Trygve and Andrew are related.  Jon Nackerud has talked with the Seattle Nakkeruds.

Search for Your Relatives  Go to a search engine like  and key in "nakkerud".  You will get over 700 records and for all but a few, they will be about Nakkerud Norway. So if you are a descendent of Andrew, you have relatives back in Norway by the name of Nakkerud. 

Change Your Name

You can easily change your name and go by "Nakkerud" leaving your official records as "Nackerud."  Some have done this such as Karen Nakkerud (the daughter of Franz Nackerud). 

Rolf Nackerud wanted every Nackerud to change their name to Nakkerud in the 60s.  He did some investigating and found that is was quite easy to change names.  He proposed this to his brother, Leif Nackerud, who owned a trucking company with the name, "Nackerud Tracy, Minn" on all his trucks.  Leif told Rolf that he was not about to go to the expense of repainting all the names on his trucks.  That more or less ended any further discussion.  Except that he did get his wish on his headstone.  Visit the the Walnut Grove Cemetery and you'll find that his grave marker reads "Rolf Nakkerud."