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Nackerud Family

Norway and USA


Gravesite of Anne Larsdatter Nakkerud.Andrew's Brother and Sister  Andrew Nackerud had one brother, Gilbert, who also immigrated to the USA in 1903.  Andrew's only sister, Anna Nakkerud was born in 1879, and she married Einar Arneson.  Her only child, Rolf Harry Arneson, was well-known to many of the USA Nackerud relatives he is a first cousin of Leif, Alf, Harry, Franz, Rolf, Margie, and Rodney.  Rolf Harry lived in Oslo and was a successful lawyer.  Rolf Harry died in 1989 and his wife Sigrid is still living in Oslo. 

Rolf Nackerud, on two trips to Norway in the 70s and 80s visited and stayed with Rolf Harry.  Harry Nackerud also visited the Arneson family on a trip to Norway.  Rolf Harry and his wife Sigrid had three children:  Morton, Egil, and Sidsel.  The Arneson family are the only relatives from Andrew's side of the family that the Nackeruds have had contact with in Norway.  See the "Family Tree" below.

Seattle Nakkeruds  Another branch of the Nackerud/Nakkerud family is located in the Seattle area and they use the name of "Nakkerud". Trygve Nakkerud immigrated from Norway in the 20s and had three children.  A son, Arnold Olaf Nakkerud, was killed serving as a pilot in Viet Nam and his name is on the Vietnam Memorial Wall (panel 24E, line 56) in Washington DC.  Two daughters, Elise and Gladys, have children and grandchildren in the Seattle area. Trygve and Andrew are related one generation apart.  Jon Nackerud has communicated with the Seattle Nakkeruds.

Search for Your Relatives  Go to a search engine like and key in "nakkerud".  You will get over 700 records and for all but a few, they will be about Nakkerud Norway. So if you are a descendent of Andrew, you have relatives back in Norway by the name of Nakkerud.

Family Tree

From Anne Larsdatter Nakkerud to Andrew Nackerud

Collected by *Jon Nackerud

NEW! AP's Family Tree back to 1600's! (PDF - 219K, get ready to wait!)

1- Andreas Madsen N. Modum (1810)
s- Anne Larsdatter Nakkerud
2- Martinius A. Nakkerud (1842)
s- Johanne C. Hellum (1851)
3- Andreas Nakkerud (1875)
s- Maria Elise Block Gradert (1873)
4- Ingrid Johanne B. Nakkerud
4- Trygve Block Nakkerud (1903)  - Seattle Nakkeruds
s- Inga Amanda Treland (1899)
5- Elise Katherine Nakkerud (1935)
s- John Curtis Stratton (1929)
6- John Andrew Stratton (1958)
6- Eric Stephen Stratton (1963)
6- James Arnold Stratton (1970)
5- Gladys Irene Nakkerud (1938)
s- Leon Howard Sherlock (1933)
6- Lorily Marie Sherlock (1960)
6- Karen Elaine Sherlock (1962)
6- Gregory Howard Sherlock (1967)
4- Eilert Sten B. Nakkerud (1906)
4- Sverre Block Nackkerud (1908)
4- Ruth Sofie G. Nakkerud (1911)
s- Ernst Rojahn (1909)
4- Ruth Sofie G. Nakkerud (1911)
5- Ellen Margrethe Rojahn (1941)
5- Ernst Andrew Rojahn (1943)
4- Mads Egil Bloch Nakkerud (1913)
s- Liv Bruun (1921)
5- Tom Bloch Nakkerud (1948)
5- Nils Andreas Nakkerud (1952)
5- Mads Bloch Jr. Nakkerud (1958)
6- Andreas Nakkerud (1987)
6- Erik Nakkerud (1991)
3- Maren Jorgin Nakkerud (1879)
3- Anders Jaren
4- Andreas Jaren (1904)
4- Sten Jaren (1906)
3- Sten Nakkerud (1881)
3- Lovise Nakkerud (1883)
3- Marie Nakkerud (1885)
3- Johanne Petra Nakkerud
3- Johan Fritjof Nakkerud (1892)
3- Anna Nakkerud (1895)
3- Karine/Katrine Nakkerud
3- Amanda Nakkerud
2- Laurits Andersen Nakkerud (1852)
s- Mathea Svenkerud
2- Petter Andersen P. Nakkerud (1849)
s- Kari G. Krodsherred (1853)
3- Andreas Pedersen Nakkerud (1878) - Andrew P. Nackerud
s- Gunhilde Marie M. Skugstad (1877)
4- Leif Norman Nackerud (1899)
s- Anna Lien (1903)
4- Alf Reidar Nackerud (1900)
4- Harry Alfred Nackerud (1905)
s- Gladys Celesta Rongstad (1907)
4- Franz Nackerud (1907)
s- Priscilla Sara H. Hanify (1915)
4- Rolf Adolf Nackerud (1912)
s- Bernita Evelyn Olson (1911)
s- Julia Matina Olson (1884)
4- Fern Margie Nackerud (1923)
s- Harry Bakken (1917)
4- Rodney Peter G. Nackerud (1927)
s- Ann Haensel (1934)
3- Anna Nakkerud (1879) - Andrew's sister
s- Einar Arneson
4- Rolf Harry Arneson
s- Sigrid (1914)
5- Sidsel Arneson (1946)
s- Anders Marstrander
          6- Christian Marstrander (1969)
          6- Thomas Marstrander (1972)
          6- Frederick Marstrander (1977)
6- Andres Nichlia Marstrander (1981)
5- Egil Arneson (1950)
s- Bodal
5- Morton Arneson (1954)
s- Janiea
          6- son?
6- son?
3- Gulbrand P. Nakkerud - Gilbert P. Nackerud, brother of Andrew
s- Karen Alette Nilson (1891)

"s" is the spouse
*We are indebted to Jon Nackerud for his genealogy work in researching the Nakkerud family in Norway.  Jon is the son of Franz Nackerud - see Franz Nackerud Family Tree.